The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder

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The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder in the Samegrelo region of Georgia, it is about a 45 minute drive from the city of Kutaisi & and 2 hours from Batumi in West Georgia.

The incredible natural beauty of the secluded coves and azure-green water of the stream as it flows through the hidden canyon appealed to adventurers streaming into the Caucasus from Europe.

Small streams running through the limestone near the town of Martvili have carved a series of spectacular caves and canyons. Some are accessible by raft, others have boardwalks built inside. Experience the natural wonders of Georgia!


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Classic must see for every Tbilisi Visitor

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Classic must see for every Tbilisi Visitor


Start your walk at the Sulfur Baths, after which the city was named. See the Mosque and the balconies of Abano Area. Walk up the Botanikuri Street to the Botanical Garden. Before reaching the entrance gate, walk up the path that leads to the Narikala Fortress.

Enjoy the fine views of the old city and from the top into the valley of the Botanical Garden. From there you’ll see the statue of Mother Georgia / Kartlis Deda. Walk back down to the entrance gate of Narikala Fortress and turn left to reach the statue.
Walk down the stairs right before Kartlis Deda to reach Jerusalimis Street.

Continue through the small side streets of Tbilisis Sololaki district to reach Jvaris Mama Church and Sioni Street, to make a round through the café-streets of Shardeni & Erekle with their Mediterranean atmosphere.

After a small pause in one of the cafés continue on Sioni Street (North/upriver) past the residence of the Georgian Orthodox Partriarch Ilia II. to Sioni Church and a bit further to one of the oldest and most charming churches in Tbilisi, Anchiskhati Church (6th c. A.D.).
After a few hundred more meters you’ll find yourself on Baratashvili Street which leads you up (left) to Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Square) where Hotel Courtyard Marriot and Old Tbilisi City Hall are located. (By the way: In the hotel you can get free copies of the georgian English-language newspapers!)

Continue on the left side of the City Hall Building down Leselidze Street and reach Maidan Square and a hundred meters further the Sulfur Baths, where a relaxing dip & scrub is an experience not to miss.

A quick detour after the baths could lead you up to Metekhi Church and Vakhtang Gorgasali Statue just on the other side of the river and into Avlabari district with nice views on the Narikala Fortress.

To sense the history of Georgia’s Capital and get detailed explanations of its development a city-tour guide is well worth the small investment.

Duration of the walk
2 hours to ½ day


There are too many to name them all, but on the route is Shemoikhede Genatsvale, on 25, Leselidze Street with a blue glass façade and no sign in English where excellent Khinkali (dumplings filled with minced meat) and other Georgian specialties are served.
If you feel like exploring the backstreets you’ll be able to locate the small, authentic and inexpensive restaurant Racha, also serving very good Khinkali, Mzwadi (Shashlik), Salads as well as other Georgian specialties. (second street left behind City Hall).

On Puris Moedani (first street left behind City Hall) there is popular PurPur (Bar-Café- Restaurant), serving European Food and featuring a lounge in the basement where you can hang out on cushions with a cocktail or two. If you a looking for a more luxurious place, restaurant Kopala (with a roof terrasse and excellent sunset views) located in the hotel with the same name in 8/10 Czekhov St. in Avlabari district. Restaurant Maidan (with traditional song and dance) Mtkvari Right Bank 2 (Shardeni Area) is also recommended.

Some shops in Shardeni & Erekle Street sell souvenirs and postcards. Try also Rustaveli Avenue and Dry Bridge Art Market.

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